Artwork Photography

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With almost three decades of experience shooting for many satisfied clients, I have, throughout the years, captured the artwork of many artists. I feel lucky to meet the many incredibly talented and creative people for whom I have worked. Often the photographs I produced were used for their website, contest entry, references, insurance, sales, brochures etc.

I know that capturing photographs that truly reflect your artwork is often a challenge, I have successfully collaborated with many artists working in 2D, 3D and other media and always aim to create photos of the highest quality for them.

This page should to clarify the process of getting your artwork photographed. You are, of course, welcome to reach out anytime to discuss the possibility of working together.
Looking forward to seeing your artwork.


Artwork Photography - Information

My rate is $155/hour with a two hour minimum. which means a minimum charge is $310. a Fee for Location Photography is added. Rate for Jewelry varies but starts at $190/hour with a two hour minimum.  Students get an automatic 15% discount.

How much work can I shoot in two hours?
The amount of different pieces I can capture in a two hour period vary on many factors such as; the size of the work and the medium (oil, acrylic), whether it is under glass and many other factors. Upon discussing your project, I will do my best to give you a clear idea of what to expect before we begin. Note that I should be able to shoot 8-14 pieces at least, in a two hour period, but there is shooting time and processing time (cropping adjust, retouching and exporting your images) to be included.

Payment is be made upon delivery of services. For in studio shoot I recommend that artist be there to approve the work. An invoice at the end of the shoot will be provided, payment to be made at that time. If you are sending work to the studio, and will not attend the shoot, a gallery of images will be created for approval. Payment will be due upon final approval either by check or credit card. Delivery of final images and return the work to the artist can proceed. Note that credit card purchases incur a 3% fee to cover the credit card processing costs.

Guarantee of Satisfaction
My goal is to 1/ deliver the highest quality images of your artwork and 2/ that you are completely satisfied with the reproduction of your artwork. I set the highest standard for myself and promise to deliver outstanding work, within the standard we set below.

Standard, what to expect
You should expect that your artwork will be photographed with a high quality DSLR camera, using high quality professional lighting and computer, so you can see the result instantly, that the color will be as close as possible to the artwork as possible, that the lighting for 3D artwork will be suitable to enhance your artwork. In case we believe that your artwork may/could be extremely difficult to photograph we will create a set of expectation so  that while we will do our best, if for some reason the image falls a little short of our goals, it should remain within our set of expectations.

Once full payment has be completed, all and unlimited rights are immediately transferred to the artist, to use the the images in any way sort or form. You own the images.

Other Media
As a full service commercial studio, I shoot all kinds of other media such as textiles, wearables, fiber art, basketry, etc.  The same minimum and rate apply.  Please feel free to call me and discuss your work and get an estimate from me.

Location Photography
If you decide you would prefer that I come to your studio and set up a studio-type environment for shooting multiple pieces, the following fee apply: travel time is billed at $75/hour, in addition a $100/Flat fee to cover time to pack, load, unload and return the gear to my studio. Please note that we should confirm that your studio is suitable for this type of work.  It is highly recommended that we discuss your job so I can give you a proper estimate to shoot your artwork.

3D Hanging Artwork
For three-dimensional work which hangs on a surface, such as wood, ceramic or fiber wall sculpture, the time involved is related to the complexity of the form and can vary substantially.  Some things are really simple to shoot and some are much more complicated, but in general, 3-4 pieces in an hour is a good guideline, keeping in mind that things can take longer if there is significant Photoshop work required to remove/replace backgrounds, create drop shadows, etc.

2D Flat Artwork Including Flat Textiles
For work such as acrylic, watercolor, pencil, ink or charcoal, I can often shoot as many as 5-6 pieces in an hour, although there is a little time on the back end to color-balance the images and crop them properly.  So a good estimate would be 7-12 pieces in a two hour period.  For more complex ā€œ2Dā€ work such as encaustic, pallet-knife or other highly-textured work where seeing the texture is important in the photograph, the process could be a bit slower because the lighting is more complex.  In general, for 2D artwork the standard procedure is to trim the image file to the edge of the artwork.  For work where it is necessary to preserve the edge of the work, place the art on a background, or include a frame, the process takes a bit longer and thus can cost a bit more.

My ultimate goal is that each Artist leaves satisfied with the work that was created for them. While I will do me best to deliver the highest quality images, it happens that they do fall short of your expectations. It is therefore important for you to participate and be present during the shoot. This will help us avoid any conflict as you will be able to see the final images as I capture them. If, for some reason, you are unhappy with my work or my services please let me know promptly and I will do everything in my power to make it right. My promise to you is that I will create great images, of professional quality and whose color, exposure and lighting will enhance and reflect your artwork as much as I can and with the understanding that color on a canvas may look slightly different than when captured on an electronic sensor.